Triple Audio has been a household name in the Dutch broadcast world for 25 years

Triple Audio provides products and services for the broadcast world. We realize large and small projects from A to Z and have a passion for audio. To optimally provide our customers with information about our products and services, we opted for a webshop and website with both their own focus. Because Triple Audio is a B2B organization, it was quite a challenge to set up the SmartStore webshop in the right way.

KOOMBA has shown that it is more than a supplier; KOOMBA embraces our ideas and always provides the right support where necessary. KOOMBA is flexible and always available when needed. In addition, there is good thinking and even now that our website and webshop are up and running, we can contact KOOMBA if we have any questions.

L├╝beck 2
The Netherlands

M +31 6 1283 8012
T +31 180 726 808

Friedrich-Engels-Allee 51

M +49 171 82 42 102
T +49 203 600 140 60